Chattanooga Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Catastrophic Injury Defined
A catastrophic injury is a life threatening injury that demands continual medical treatment and observation from doctors, physical therapists, surgeons and specialists. Common catastrophic injuries include traumatic brain injuries, birth injuries, spinal cord injuries, burn injuries and amputation. Any time a person suffers a catastrophic injury, they will face numerous debilitating physical and emotional side effects. Catastrophic injuries are never easy to cope with, as sufferers will find, that they can no longer engage in activities they once enjoyed. They may even find that their injuries prevent them from working and leading a normal life.

The After Effects of Catastrophic Injuries
Catastrophic injuries are known to change the quality of a person’s life forever. Not only will victims face adversities, but their families and close friends will also be impacted as many of these individuals will now have to become the victim’s full-time caregivers. Additionally, catastrophic injuries are often associated with financial burdens as victim’s medical expenses continue to add up. For the reasons just mentioned, it is always in an injury victims’ best interests to seek legal advice after sustaining a catastrophic injury as they may be entitled to monetary compensation if their injuries were caused by third party negligence.