Begin Your Road to Recovery after a Vehicle Accident Involving Defective Tires

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Begin Your Road to Recovery after a Vehicle Accident Involving Defective Tires

Just a few hours ago, one of your family members, or more, was involved in a serious vehicle accident. We truly hope all will recover. And we cannot impress on you enough that you are at the foot of a very large legal mountain that you cannot climb yourself. Now we do hope you have a better appreciation of why rollover and tire defect accident cases are so difficult to win; even for experienced accident lawyers like our Law Firm. Take it from us, it is NOT easy. And we do this for a living.

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They demand an experienced attorney in order to offer any chance of success. They can involve a lot of legal and investigative time, not to mention settlement negotiations, dealing with adjusters, computing damages, filing motions, replying to motions, and cobbling a successful case; often against many defendants and, if necessary, litigate in your favor. When your attorney has the necessary experience and proven track record to understand every one of the complex elements of your defective tire accident and how they relate to each other, the chances that you will win your case significantly increase.

Once you and your lawyer begin pursuing a legal claim for damages in an accident involving defective tires, blowouts and rollovers, the first step (which needs to begin now) is to investigate to learn who caused it. Was there negligence and if so, whose? Once you know who the defendants you or your loved one’s tragic accident, how do you counter the underhanded and aggressive tactics of the attorneys, the insurance companies and their adjusters who wish to deny your rightful compensation? Those guys will do everything short of breaking the law (most of the time) to deny their clients’ responsibility for the damages and injuries to you, your family, or even the death of a beloved spouse or child. And since, defective tire accidents can involve many potentially liable parties who owe you fair compensation, you can appreciate just how “stacked” the deck is against you and your need for an experienced defective tire lawyer to fight for your rights.

For over 30 years our Law Firm has helped many victims, and their families, of a defective tire, or a blowout or rollover accident. If you or a loved one has suffered from such an accident, it is best for you to call us today to arrange a free consultation with one of our experienced accident injury lawyers. We answer all of your questions and explain the ramifications from the specific details of your case. If we agree to work together, we can help you on the road to recovery by relieving you of the vital task of winning the rightful damage compensation you need and give justice and peace of mind to you and your family.

Fatal Truck Accident

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What Happens After a Fatal Truck Accident

To make your claim and win in a court of law (or elicit a proper settlement) you need to know the facts, how to build a lawsuit, and you must have the physical evidence needed to support your lawsuit. Because the trucking firms are not just going to roll over. They are worried about profit – they want to make sure they aren’t held accountable financially. That’s their concern, not the loss of your family member. More info on this website
Immediately after the fatal 18 wheeler accident, trucking firms and their drivers will immediately begin extensive accident investigation and even wreck reconstruction, dispatching their operatives all over the city and the surrounding area, or wherever the tragic incident occurred. Many times, safety managers, insurance adjusters and attorneys will be called to the scene of the accident. They will interview witnesses, take pictures and prepare the driver for giving a statement to the investigating officers. They have done this dozens if not hundreds of times and they know how to position their people to try to put the blame on anyone but the trucking firm.

Fatal truck accidents require a lot more investigation on the plaintiff’s part than just the details of the accident. A proper investigation should involve an examination and research into the following aspects of the trucking firm or driver: hiring policies, drug and alcohol programs, safety protocols and guidelines, maintenance on the subject tractor, logs of the driver to assess issues of fatigue, mechanical defects of the truck, the health conditions of the driver including those impairing eyesight and other potentially contributing factors. The defendants are not exactly going to volunteer this information. At this stage this is imperative that an immediate investigation be performed including photographing physical evidence at the scene, interviewing witnesses, photographing and performing an inspection of the respective vehicles including the truck and its trailer and load. A smart lawsuit also requires researching all current and past court proceedings for any citation issued to the driver of the truck, conducting criminal background searches and driver’s license reports on the driver involved.

The next step is using that physical evidence to identify all the responsible parties. You need to do this to make sure a complete legal recovery for injuries suffered in an accident involving a commercial vehicle. This is important that you and your attorney identify as many potential defendants as possible. The vehicle driver himself is first among the parties most often responsible for causing accidents because of the nature of most wrecks since their actions many times directly cause wrecks. Commercial vehicle drivers are sometimes merely careless. Other times they are reckless or incompetent. They may speed or roll through stop signs. Sometimes they will ignore traffic warnings, ignore traffic conditions, or make illegal turns. When their own driving errors lead to accidents and injuries, the commercial vehicle drivers themselves may be held responsible for their carelessness in a lawsuit.

Car Accident Injuries – Auto Accident Lawyers

Car Accident Injuries

Texas Car Accident Injury Attorney – FREE CONSULTATIONS

People who have suffered serious injuries in motor vehicle accidents typically have two primary concerns:

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Personal Injury

Will I be able to get the right kind of medical care and treatment so I can get back to a normal life?
How will my medical bills get paid?
At our Law Office, we work with some of the best medical professionals to ensure our clients receive accurate diagnoses and appropriate medical care for car accident injuries. Whatever your insurance status, we can help you get the medical care you need.

Whether you were injured in a car accident, a truck accident, or a motorcycle accident, contact our personal injury law office toll-free for a free initial consultation. You can reach a lawyer in our office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We get skilled nurses involved in our clients’ cases as early as possible. We have a nurse in our office who reviews all medical records so that we can direct our clients to the right type of medical professional for their injury, including neurological experts and orthopedic experts.

Our law firm is tenacious in working to ensure money doesn’t stand in the way of an injured person getting the medical care and therapy he or she needs. Our determination pays off for clients when we achieve significant settlements and verdicts on their behalf in cases involving car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents — even bike and pedestrian accident cases.accident lawyers

We have handled cases involving every kind of car accident injury, from brain injury and lasting disability to concussions, back injury, or whiplash, which can cause crippling pain and suffering.

Hire a lawyer you can trust to pursue fair compensation. Call our law office toll-free for a free initial consultation.