Chattanooga Auto Accident Attorney

Chattanooga Car Accident Overview
It is known fact that auto accidents cause thousands of devastating injuries and fatalities each and every year. What is most tragic about motor vehicle accidents is that the catastrophic injuries accident victims often sustain are entirely avoidable and usually result from the reckless driving of others, like speeding or ignoring traffic signs.

Auto Accidents and Insurance Companies
After you have been involved in a serious car accident, one thing you must remember is that insurance companies are not on your side. Insurance companies will often offer injured victims a quick settlement so that the victim will refrain from taking any sort of legal action. The money an insurance company will offer a victim will usually be much lower than what the victim is entitled to for their injuries, medical expenses and suffering.

For this reason, people who have incurred devastating injuries from auto accidents should always speak with a qualified personal injury lawyer before they accept any form of payment from an insurance company.